Scarlett and the Kingdom of Royal Toad


Author/s: Rob Wellington; Sophie M O'Neill

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: May 1, 2024

During a fishing trip with Dad, eight year old Scarlett has a funny old daydream about a tiny blue imp called William O'Wisp water skiing behind a trout called Rainbow. The very next day Scarlett is confined to her bedroom with a cold when she discovers that yesterday wasn't actually a daydream. William is real. He is blue, three centimetres tall and very cheeky. They are just getting to know each other when, to William's horror, he discovers he is mortalising*!

(*to mortalise - to lose the Magic and become mortal.)

Now this is serious! If William loses the Magic he will die. It is up to Scarlett to get him to Royal Road, the ruler of the Magic Kingdom as quickly as possible to immortalise** him again. Trouble is Scarlett is NOT three centimetres tall and Royal Toad lives at the bottom of the local creek.

(**to immortalise - to gain the Magic and become immortal.)

Perched on the back of Elizabeth, her grumpy pet lizard, the newly magicked Scarlett takes a rapidly weakening William past ants the size of puppy dogs, through hugh drainpipes infested with monster mosquitoes and plunges into the local creek in search of the palace of Royal Toad... 

Format: Paperback
Imprint: Self-published
Published: May 2024
ISBN: 9780473671754

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