Self-Published Authors

You’ve written a book - congratulations!

Pictura is proud to support and promote local authors and artists by providing a bricks and mortar retail outlet for books published through non-traditional publishing sources.

We know what an enormous amount of dedication writing and illustrating a book can take. Whether or not your book winds up on the shelves of Pictura, please know that we appreciate the effort, care and creativity that has brought you this far.

However, each book we sell at Pictura is carefully chosen, primarily for its beautiful artwork and engaging story, but also its commercial appeal. We only stock a very small number of self-published titles, primarily those from the Otago / Dunedin region, and only those with a very high standard of production.

For these reasons, unfortunately we cannot take every book that we see.

If you would like your book to be considered,  please send us an email with the book description and a picture of the cover image. If we do take your book, please note that we will sell them on consignment. We will then hold the stock for 6 months and if it has not sold, it will be returned to you.

For more information about self-publishing your own book, please visit the NZ Society of Authors information page.

Good luck!