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From the award-winning creator of Flooded and Lost comes a third, colorful picture book about the joy that comes from discovering a connection with books for the very first time.It's the end of term, and a little girl is given the unreasonable task of reading a whole book over the holidays. A whole book? but she HATES books. Luckily her sister takes her to the library and recommends just the thing. Slowly, the little girl is drawn into a world of adventure inside her own imagination, for the very first time. Even the grayscale world starts to fill with color as she is carried away in the story. A little fennec fox leads her to meet fairytale witches and creatures as they find ingredients to cast a special spell at the end of her book. The little girl is dismayed to learn that the spell seemingly hasn't changed a thing. However, the little fox points out that she is completely transformed: discovering the power of her imagination has transformed her forever.

Printed in bright Pantone inks throughout, this is a simple yet exciting book with minimalist drawings and stylistic callouts. Designed for kids who claim to hate reading, this fun page-turner will delight and inspire kids to change their minds about books for good! Discover adventure on every page and turn I Hate Books into I Love Books!

Format: Hardback
Imprint: Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Published: February 2024
ISBN: 9780711277991

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